made in Bunch

Bunch: their corporate ID is thrown out into design world in order to see what will designers come up with while playing around it... Very entertaining!

current ID competition:
'We decided that it was time to rework our corporate identity this year
and base it around the overarching theme of 'Made in Bunch'.

Much of our work is predicated by the influences we as a collective of
designers take from the world around us. So we thought we'd ask other
designers how they see us and reflect this in our id.

The idea is to showcase the variety of work we make and the range of
characters in Bunch whilst also getting an alternative fresh view point.

So we're asking respected creatives, like yourself, to take our logo
and produce a visual reaction to it. This will form the basis of our
corporate identity.

You might rubber stamp it, create an overdrawing, or simply cut it up
and burn it, but we'd like you sign it when you're done smashing it up.

Please take a little time to 'make us something in Bunch' and we promise
to feature it in our Made In Bunch i.d.

Once you are done with bastardasing your version of Bunch logo, please
upload it here or simply send to submit@madeinbunch.com

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