Budgens & Londos wine labels by Pentagram

'In the latest release of work for Musgrave Retail Partners GB own brand ranges Harry Pearce and his team have designed the labels for Budgens and Londis wines.

The team have strived to create a unique visual language for this own brand wine range, self-confident and not aping any other brand. Each country of origin is identified with an individual style using a paired down elegant approach, and a simple colour palette.'

pentagram's new posters

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime posters

'Harry Pearce and Jason Ching have designed a series of posters for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime that highlight the relative merits of drug treatment and rehabilitation around the world. The posters are a training tool specifically aimed at the Russian police, whose country has a particularly poor track record in drug treatment. The posters had to be eye-catching, easy to absorb and not reliant on language. The typographic solution built a simple world map from internationally recognised country abbreviation codes (GB, US, RU, etc). Eight variants were then designed, using colour coding and icons to provide comparative statistics around drug abuse, the incidence of HIV, Methadone and opioid maintenance therapies, and needle and syringe programmes.' (cursive mine)

anamorphic typography

Chelsea school of art & design graduates' (joseph egan & hunter thomson) typographic project (more images on designboom)