3 potato 4

online shop with rare design stuff

FONTFONT catalogue online

new online 2009 FONTFONT catalogue on issuu.com

gridr buildrrr

grid builder by tom genoni

sticky screen

your personal note on the webscreen
from jack cheng

the school of life

2x20 m wall illustrations by charlotte mann
for the school of life project

dominic episcopo's photography

good-quality photographs by dominic episcopo

tishkov & bendikov: moon-star photography

set of christmas-inspired photographs

abstract christmas card

season greetings from AQKA
via swissmiss

living patterns

urban morphology post, also: toronto spacing
and bricoleurbanism

weird craft

not-so-expected toys from patricia waller
akin to roadkilltoys:

web stencil

exclusive template stencil for web designers. not on sale yet
also: cass art parody from flickr:

Zach Klein & Casey Pugh on physical computers

12/12/08 Zach Klein and Casey Pugh on Physical Computing from CreativeMornings on Vimeo.
Creative Mornings at NYU
via swissmiss

brook salzwede

layered art pieces by brook salzwede
via notcot


jim stoten's illustrations

a bit like Yellow submarine, but still stylish and nice stuff from Jim Stoten

The White Rabbit reataurant

lovely website for The white rabbit restaurant by ASYLUM
also: FROLIX yoghurt website by the same collective

thinking for living

'Thinking for a Living™ was created for those who believe that while design is a profession, it’s above all a passion. And as passionate graphic designers, we are obliged to ourselves, our industry and our clients to provide creative solutions that have persuasive branding messages, but also emotional power and aesthetic value. I believe great design is an art, not a commodity or a formula.'

olivier tallec illustration

some witty illustrations from olivier tallec

logo design love

logo design blog + plenty of resources

chocolate research

chocolate obsession (identity, website & packaging) by ASYLUM

cereal box art

100 cereal boxes (from alan valek's blog)
also: THE IMAGINARY WORLD - loads of packaging and similar stuff

jon klassen illustration & animation

jon klassen's blog with illustrations & animations

how're you peeling?

Saxton Freymann's carved fruits&vegs
he ain't got a website, but his great books are on sale

questionable characters

frank chimero & ben barry answering most common questions

jailbirds animation

animation about prisoners done in collaboration between GOOD & Frank Chimero



funny aircraft instructions
also: Baby health safety instructions book
and Open here: art of instructional design book

typography & design resourse

some useful links, resources and articles

The Alphabet vs the Goddess

The Alphabet vs the Goddess: conflict between word and image by L. Shlain: on left and right thinking

William Blake's archive

Blake's works: illustrations, poems and stuff

Christmas by colour

Pantone christmas

art of yulia brodskaya

great papercut illustrations


typographic blog

turux - semi-automatic animations

semi-automatic interactive animations

Christoph Niemann's coffee drawings

from New York Times

Automating the Design of Visual Instructions

various visual instructions

The Language construction kit

constructing your language

old industrial photographs

industry in Europe 100 years ago

UK border agency

new TIER 1 post-study work forms

error messages

collections of misc. error messages
also here

sarcoptiform's sets on flickr

a few curious sets, from album covers to spirograph art

the Mecca Hajj pictures

mental amount of people in Mecca

2008 in photographs

best documentary photographs of 2008